Published On: Sat, Oct 22nd, 2011

Colorful Rangoli designs for Diwali

Rangoli designs

Rangoli designs is the top searching keyword nowadays in India, The reason is all we know about it for Diwali festival season. The word Rangoli is the Sanskrit word that means an artful appearance of colors by creative designs. People are using these Rangoli to impress the God Lakshmi to bring her to their home that is the faith of Hindu people. These things will be happening during Diwali seasons almost so families arrange their homes by beautiful decorations, people wear their finest clothes, In that time the whole families enjoying with their childs,  relatives, friends by sharing sweets, gifts and Greeting cards.

The significant thing of the celebrations is Rangoli which is shaped on doorsteps to welcome all. Rangoli displayed a pattern in color that is precise for each region. Rice flour, color powders, pulse and leave are raw materials mostly used to create Rangoli designs.
This is the art of floor painting; the central rangoli design is the figurative one indicating the divinity or the theme. These things are bring out colorful and freshness to everyone life.  Though the designs differ in diverse sections of India, but the basic theme is common. The designs to be displayed like geometrical theme by using various methods like square, circle, polygon etc. Rangoli can be designed in two ways that is dry and wet. Also the design includes lotus, flowers, birds, fish etc which replicate the unity of man and creature. Most of the rangoli designs are circular showing an intelligence of endlessness of time. Also the designs will be portrayed various zodiac designs. Overall the way of creations will be demonstrate our traditional culture and definitely it will create all into festive mood.

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