Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2012

LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s son dead, Channel 4 TV releasing evidence video

ltte prabakaran son killed

LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s 12-year-old son have been killed by Sri Lankan army with a total of five bullets wounds in the chest. The news has opened by Channel 4 TV.

Channel 4 TV Company is going to release the evidence video tomorrow. They said, Lankan force shot him from very close with five times on his chest. The boy’s name is Balachandran Prabhakaran son of LTTE leader, Vellupillai Prabakaran. He has been shot in cold blood said by Mr Macrae, in an interview to the Independent newspaper. He also says the video “seems to have been shot as a grotesque trophy video by Sri Lankan forces.”

Sri Lankan High Commissioner in India Prasad Kariyawasam said, The Lankan Government is in the route of reconciliation and taking steps to bridge gaps. We don’t need additional regional interference in our region. It’s uncalled for”

New: Click here to watch the Srilanka’s Killing fields video by Channel 4

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  1. bhavani says:

    Dear readers,

    Still the British people and the media feel that the Srilankan tamils are uneducated, backward thought illiterates who can be manipulated. I am sure by now most of the Srilankan tamils are well educated and not bother about their emotional feeling. God has given them thinking capacity and I am sure we can use it and this is the right time to use that!!!! God is great and manking is one!!!!

  2. Tintumon says:

    Prabhakaran’s son should not have been murdered for the crimes of his father. If Sri Lanka has any claims to being a civilised country, it should acknowledge that this murder of an innocent child was barbarous. Also, those innocent Tamils who suffered during the war should be rehabilitated, and every Tamil citizen of Sri Lanka should be given equal rights and status as a Sinhalese citizen currently enjoys. This includes the right of using the mother tongue (Tamil) in government-funded schools, and also banning every kind of discrimination on the basis of language and religion.

  3. Joyal says:

    Guys,How did your guns could laugh on that small innocent boy….Show your guts to someone of your own strength. Poor little thing would ve expected His dad to come for his rescue.You people shot him dead too. There is gonna be a problem for you srilankan’s to answer GOD and even the Phoenix of the children you killed will take an revenge on you guys….Better repent and ask for forgiveness.The land may prosper….Think about yourself in front of GUN whose gonna pull a trigger on you…Let the innocent people LIVE…

  4. Klarus says:

    Srilankan Army’s heights of deeds…Will be paid off….

    How the hands came to trigger on a child of 12 years…..Srilanka a evil country….

    May his soul rest in peace…..

  5. LTTEIndia says:

    Only animals can do it. But…
    INDIA needs a similar LTTE like organisation to fight the ethnic cleansing activities of indian higher caste.
    SL has done this in war. But but but more heinous crimes are being executed for generations in india by the higher cast to the lower caste peacefully in the name of hinduism. India should look at its OWN human right violations happening for thousands of years. This is barbarous more barbarous than the war crimes elsewhere in the world. And they are PEACE-CRIMEs by indians. Not a WAR-CRIME. India has no moral to comment for the crimes happening in others land.

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